The Building Process

Miles & Thomas Construction Inc. will assist you in the planning and building of your new home. There are three distinct procedures we follow.

Custom home on scattered building site.

The totally custom route will require the following steps:

A. Secure a house plan. This can be done by selecting a plan offered by various vendors either from a publication or the internet. Another way is to work with a local draftsman, either an independent contractor, or one associated with a home center.

To select a house plan there are several issues to consider.

  1. How much money will you be able to spend?
  2. What do you want the house to look like?
  3. What will the internal arrangement be?
  4. Are there any special needs to be addressed?
  5. How long do you intend to live in the house?
  6. How many family members are there?

This is not intended to be a complete list. Your life and requirements may involve other issues.

B. Secure a building site. This can be done by contacting a realtor, going to a public auction, or contacting a company which has building sites scattered through out the area for sale.

C. Contact a professional builder for a cost estimate to build your home. You can find such a builder by contacting the HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF OWENSBORO and selecting a builder from the roster of Registered Builders and Remodelors. Using a builder from this roster guarantees a level of professionalism.

D. Have an appraisal done by a professional appraiser to indicate the value of the completed project.

E. Secure financing. Take the house plan, plat of the building site, cost estimate for construction, the appraisal, current personal financial statement and the past three years of IRS tax returns to your banker, to secure financing for the project.

Custom home in a subdivision (see where we build)

Miles & Thomas Construction Inc. will assist you by providing a building site, a cost estimate for construction, and a professional appraisal.

The buyer will provide a custom house plan and secure financing for the project.

Miles & Thomas Construction Inc. home in a subdivision (see where we build)

Miles & Thomas Construction Inc. will assist you by providing a building site, a cost estimate for construction, and a professional appraisal.

The buyer will select a Miles & Thomas Construction Inc. house plan, make color selections, and choose from prepriced upgrades. The buyer will also secure financing for the project.


Written specifications together with the house plan address the work to be done. The more detailed the specifications and plan, the better the understanding between the contracting parties of the work to be done.

A written contract details the responsibilities of the contracting parties in such matters as cost of the project, completion date, time of closing, insurance coverage, etc. This is not a comprehensive list of all details in a contract, however, any professional builder should be able to provide sample documents for your inspection.

A written warranty will be provided by the builder.


Before choosing a builder, contact your local Home Builders Association for registered builders and remodelors in your area.

Registered Builders and Remodelors have an established reputation with their local subcontractors, financial institutions, suppliers and with customers like yourself. This means you can take some of the guess work and worry out of choosing a builder or remodelor.

MILES & THOMAS CONSTRUCTION INC. is a member of the Home Builders Association of Owensboro and is a Registered Builder and Remodelor.

As such we will provide

A Written Contract
All registered builders and remodelers must offer a written contract, which allows a customer to review all the details prior to the start of construction.

A Written Warranty
All registered builders and remodelers are required to offer at least one year written warranty which includes a listing of what is covered for a period of one year after the completion of construction.

Prior to becoming a registered builder or remodeler a member must furnish their local association with the following references: banks, previous customers, suppliers and subcontractors

Proof of Insurance
During construction, having the proper insurance can make all the difference in the world. Registered builders and remodelers must show proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance and Builder Liability Insurance.

Proven Professionalism
A registered builder and remodeler can not be a moonlighter. All members must derive their principle income from the building industry.

Continuing Education
Every registered builder and remodeler must complete continuing education each year, which keeps them current with the latest information in the housing industry.

A Conciliation Program
Should the need arise, the registered builder and remodeler program will sponsor a conciliation program in an effort to solve any confusion between a builder or remodelor and the customer. This saves the time and money of having to seek legal remedies.



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