Construction Features

Energy efficiency is becoming one of the most important considerations in building a new home, given the rapid rise in energy costs.

Energy StarMILES & THOMAS CONSTRUCTION INC. is an ENERGY STAR BUILDER. We follow ENERGY STAR guidelines to achieve a high energy efficiency rating in our homes.

Some of the things we do to achieve this are:

Attic ventilation. Provide ridge vent and perforated vinyl soffit panels in the roof overhangs. Done properly this decreases heat build up in attic spaces in the summer and moisture build up in the winter.

Cellulose insulation is used for high efficiency.

Air sealing prevents infiltration of cold air in winter and hot humid air in the summer. Air sealing is accomplished by caulking plates to the subfloor and spraying expanding foam into all wire and pipe penetrations in wall plates. Taping of window flanges with Protecto Wrap to prevent infiltration of air and moisture around window openings.

House Wrap

Anderson Windows

Exterior Doors

Insulated Garage Door

High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Equipment



Roof overhangs will be covered with vinyl clad aluminum and vinyl soffit panels

Gutters and down spouts, aluminum metal with baked on paint finish. Gutter guards can be provided to prevent debris from collecting in and clogging gutters and down spouts.

Andersen windows with vinyl clad exteriors

Garage door baked on enamel over aluminum panels

Vinyl shutters

Exterior doors with metal clad jambs and acrylic laytex paint on exterior face.


Winner of the 2012 HBAK Kitchen Design and Remodeling Award